EB3 is an online system used to automate the process of creating Fully Customizable Employee Benefit Booklets that you can provide to your clients and their employees. In a time where employee benefits have become extremely complex, it’s more important than ever as an agent to be able to effectively communicate company benefits information and pricing to your clients and their employees.

There are many wonderful systems available that give employees the opportunity to enroll in their benefits electronically, but none of these systems can deliver the detailed benefit information, waiting periods, open enrollment info, annual legal notices, and definitions a Customized and Articulate Benefit Booklet can provide. Whether they are printed and handed out, or made available through an enrollment system or company intranet/shared drive, Benefit Booklets are still the best way to make sure everyone has the information and legal notices provided to them for open enrollment each year.


This system was created by Insurance Agents FOR Insurance Agents – we all know there is increased competition across the market these days and one way to differentiate your agency is by offering a customized benefit booklet to your clients and their employees. These booklets not only take care of benefit education and satisfying certain legal requirements, but they also can answer a lot of Frequently Asked Questions employees may have during the year

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