Joe Blascak IV


Bio: I’ve been in the employee benefits industry for almost 20 years. As a former agent, creating booklets and various compliance notices used to take me forever. So, I created EB3 to help small to medium sized agencies easily create a nice-looking booklet as well as compliance documents for all their clients. I wanted to give them this ability without being stuck in any contracts and without breaking the bank.

Hobbies: I love to go out on the boat and fish and love listening to Def Leppard and 70’s/80’s/90’s rock

Favorite Sports Teams: THE Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians

Family: I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Mandi, for 7 years and we have a son named Joey.

Bio: I come from a family of 10 where I was born the cleanup hitter (4). After graduating from Kent St. University in 2011, I worked for a decade at the Franklin County Juvenile Courthouse—ending as a Juvenile Probation Supervisor. Then I took advantage of an amazing opportunity joining up with Joe & EB3 back in 2022.

Hobbies: enjoy adventures with my son, exercising and attending live concerts.

Favorite Sports Teams: The Indians, Browns and Michigan Wolverines. Go Tribe!

Family: Father of an amazing 2-year-old boy, Madix

Rich Blascak

VP of Sales

Debbie Blascak


Bio: I have been married 43 years and am the mother of 10 children. I enjoy going to church, spending time with my family and watching Hallmark movies. Sometimes on Sundays my husband and I like to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant (Stonebridge, Olive Garden, Longhorn).

Family: I’ve been married to Joe III for 43 years, have 10 children and 13 Grandchildren.

Bio: I worked in higher education before becoming a mom and staying home with Joey. Now that he’s in school, I handle marketing and customer service for EB3. When able, I love volunteering at St. Paul’s and being active in the community.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, working out, volunteering at Joey's school, playing cards and reading

Favorite Sports Teams: THE Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Browns

Family: Married to Joe IV, have a son, Joey V and our dog, Rambo

Mandi Blascak


Joey Blascak V

Future Owner

Bio: I’m 6 years old and go to Kindergarten at St. Paul’s. I have a ton of energy and wear superhero costumes all year long. I love playing with my puppy and “sending emails” with my Dad for EB3 on my Spiderman laptop I got for Christmas.

Hobbies: I like to play with my Woody, Buzz and Turtles action figures and go to the movies.

Favorite Sports Teams: THE Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns…. especially Nick Chubb

Family: I live with my Mom and Dad and my puppy Rambo

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