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Founder and Owner, Joe Blascak, has been in the Employee Benefits Insurance industry for over 15 years. After years of spending HOURS creating benefit booklets for his own clients, he wanted to find an easier way to create a customized, professional looking booklets. After years of extensive searching, he couldn’t find an affordable online benefit booklet builder that wasn’t tied into some larger HR based system or was geared towards large 100+ clients only……these options were unaffordable for small to medium sized agents and wouldn’t help them out with their small group block of business. With no options available, Joe created EB3, the stand alone fully customizable Only Employee Benefit Booklet Builder. There are so many great features to this system and we truly hope you enjoy it!

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EB3 is an online system used to automate the process of creating Fully Customizable Employee Benefit Booklets that you can provide to your clients and their employees. In a time where employee benefits have become extremely complex, it’s more important than ever as an agent to be able to effectively communicate company benefits information and pricing to your clients and their employees.

“Employee Benefit Booklets made simple”
  • “Make booklets in MINUTES not HOURS”
  • “Low Monthly Pricing”
  • “Fully Automated Per Paycheck Premium Generator”
  • “Fully Customizable color schemes”
  • “Save client booklet data for future use”
  • “Load all of your clients for one low monthly payment”
  • “Add your own pdf documents”
  • “Populate Annual Legal Notices”
  • “Printing and Shipping options available”


Most companies that produce benefit booklets either charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars to produce a booklet for 1 client. Others have the booklet feature “baked in” as a feature of a whole onslaught of HR offerings, which can get pricey. EB3 is different-for a low monthly fee, we offer the whole Benefit Booklet Builder system to you and your agency– the great part about this is you can load and create booklets for your ENTIRE client base for one monthly fee…..a fee that is typically a fraction of the commission generated from one client.


$ 199


  • No startup fee
  • Load and Save up to 75 clients
  • 1 User
  • No contracts-month to month

$ 499


  • No startup fee
  • Load and Save up to 500 clients
  • Unlimited User
  • No contracts-month to month
  • Users must all be part of the same agency

$ 999


  • No startup fee
  • Load and Save up to 1000 clients
  • Unlimited User
  • No contracts-month to month
  • Users must all be part of the same agency
  • TPA’s
  • HR Vendors
  • Payroll Companies

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