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Create Professional Benefit Booklets in 30 minutes!

Create Company Microsites in 10 Minutes!

Export Booklets to PDF, Links, QR codes or Flipbooks!

Create Annual legal Notices and Broker Comp forms!

Create WRAP SPD’s & POP Documents!

1 Click Spanish Translation!

Easy to Use 5-Step System!



Most companies that produce benefit booklets either charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars to produce a booklet for 1 client. Others have the booklet feature “baked in” as a feature of a whole onslaught of HR offerings, which can get pricey. EB3 is different-for a low monthly fee, we offer the whole Benefit Booklet Builder system to you and your agency– the great part about this is you can load and create booklets for your ENTIRE client base for one monthly fee…..a fee that is typically a fraction of the commission generated from one client.


$ 199



$ 499



$ 999


Number of Users 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Contracts No Contracts No Contracts No Contracts
Start Up Fees No Start Up Fees No Start Up Fees No Start Up Fees
Number of Clients Load and Save up to 75 Clients Load and Save up to 500 Clients Load and Save up to 1000 Clients
Multiple Cover Page Options & Themes
Unlimited Color Schemes
Pre-Populated Benefits Templates
SBC Data Scraping Feature
Employee Deduction Calculator
1-Click Spanish Translation
Export to PDF, Link, QR Code or Flipbook
Create WRAP SPD's & POP Documents
Build Federal Annual Legal Notices
Create your Broker Compensation Notice
Automatic Election Sheets
Saved Plan Library
Booklet Template Library
PDF Library

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